Upper School

Connection and student agency are at the heart of the Upper School experience, as students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning with the support of invested faculty and peers.

Dave Samson, Head of Upper School
Dave Samson, Head of Upper School

Upper School students are continually honing their mastery of Brookwood’s Mission in Practice: collaboration, risk-taking, respectful and clear communication, critical and creative thinking, and being responsible for themselves, the care of others, and the environment around them.

Our faculty know how adolescents learn best and intentionally build a community of connection that fosters meaningful relationships, student engagement, challenge and growth from grades 5 through 8.

At Brookwood, authentic relationships between students and teachers nurture, motivate, and encourage competence and confidence in our students. Through the integration of individuality and skill-building, students establish a solid foundation and a deep sense of self with which to build and explore more complex academic pursuits both at Brookwood and beyond.

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