As we head into winter and enjoy all the activities that come with it, please note that state guidelines require a PCR test for all individuals crossing state lines. Students will be required to submit a negative PCR COVID test to the health office before a student can return to campus every time they travel to a “High Risk” state. Learn more

Clubs & Activities

Upper School Clubs, a weekly 45-minute period that occurs during the last block on Fridays, provides 6th, 7th and 8th grade students with opportunities to learn something new or dive more deeply into a passion. Our clubs expose students to things not typically seen during their school week and enable them to strengthen relationships by mixing our students and faculty in unconventional configurations.

Students choose their clubs from a varied list, such as:


  • Art Studio
  • Brookwood Birders
  • Brookwood Cricket Club
  • Chess
  • The Mellowest Club of All Time
  • PreK Reading and Service Partners
  • Run for Your Life
  • Stock Market Game
  • Ultimate Frisbee

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