Leadership & Changemaking

Makerspaces: curiosity-charged zones filled with tools, computers and digital fabrication devices such as 3D printers and laser cutters that harness students’ imaginations and encourage problem solving through a collaborative, hands-on process of designing, experimenting and building. They’re increasingly popular in education today and appear tailormade to serve our mission in practice, which emphasizes communicating, collaborating, honoring differences, taking risks, taking responsibility, and thinking critically, creatively, and globally.

At Brookwood, we have embraced this exciting approach to learning, with an important twist. Here, students aren’t just working together in a lab to design and fabricate the neatest widget possible on a 3D printer, simply for the sake of doing so. Instead, they’re acting as changemakers, identifying real-world problems and seeking authentic solutions that make a difference.

We make education experiential and deep, bringing lessons to life by exploring problems in students’ backyards as well as across the globe.

Building on our long history of academic excellence and social-emotional strength, we empower our students to pursue real-world problems, apply their knowledge for the greater good, and become innovative solution-generators. Our students are intrinsically motivated and intellectually curious, and expect the same from peers and teachers. It is our distinct responsibility to engage them in thoughtfully constructed growth opportunities that will help them learn how to contribute to their communities: family, classroom, neighborhood and beyond.

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