As we head into winter and enjoy all the activities that come with it, please note that state guidelines require a PCR test for all individuals crossing state lines. Students will be required to submit a negative PCR COVID test to the health office before a student can return to campus every time they travel to a “High Risk” state. Learn more

Steep Week

When we break down the classroom walls through an immersion program, our 6th, 7th and 8th graders explore new passions, interests and connections in the real world. Steep Week at Brookwood is the dynamic intersection of experiencing, learning and connecting.

For one week in April, Upper School students are steeped in a course of their choosing, enabling them to transcend “school as usual” by providing a deeply immersive and enriching learning experience that emphasizes elements of experiential and interdisciplinary learning. The name Steep Week grew out of the notion that sometimes, to understand a thing, one has to immerse oneself in it and steep, as a teabag steeps in hot water.

Upper School faculty design the week-long curricula and teach the courses, and experts from a wide range of fields often serve as ancillary instructors. Typically, 12 courses are offered annually, taking students beyond the boundaries of the Brookwood campus; some take advantage of the wonders of the North Shore, and some venture to Boston and beyond. Teachers and students share their passions, explore areas of established or potential interest, connect with each other in new ways, and pilot initiatives that could be incorporated into future curriculum.

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