As we head into winter and enjoy all the activities that come with it, please note that state guidelines require a PCR test for all individuals crossing state lines. Students will be required to submit a negative PCR COVID test to the health office before a student can return to campus every time they travel to a “High Risk” state. Learn more

Support Brookwood School

Brookwood has always been committed to providing students with an exceptional education, in an ideal setting, instilling the belief that each student matters while developing citizens who make a difference. Tuition dollars alone do not fully cover the costs incurred to provide such excellence. To bridge this gap, we rely on donations from our school community to our annual Brookwood Fund.

The Brookwood Fund provides the flexibility necessary to respond in real time to our evolving curricular program needs. The benefits of your gifts can be seen in the enhancement of our outdoor classrooms and the collaborative efforts of our teachers to create safe, individualized classroom spaces with colorful storage boxes that contain materials for each student’s use. Your financial contribution directly impacts the legacy of talented faculty, the acquisition of dynamic teaching tools, and providing extraordinary offerings in everything from arts to athletics. 

The past few months have made it incredibly clear just how important each and every member of the Brookwood community is, and how important our continued partnership is with one another. We know more than ever, that when we work together, we are so much stronger. We also know that educating the next generation of creative leaders has never been more critical to the future. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and confidence in us. Inspired by our One School One Book, know that YOU matter, collectively we matter; together, we make a difference!

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