Brookwood School-Lesley University Teacher Residency Program

The strength of our Teacher Residency Program is in the melding of theory and practice.

As a teaching apprentice (TA), you will not only earn your Master’s Degree and Initial Licensure, you’ll also become a valued member of our school community. TAs take an active role in all aspects of campus life. Working side-by-side with dedicated mentor teachers, you will have opportunities to plan lessons and units of study, participate in parent conferences and faculty meetings, and more.

Your growth as an educator is supported through feedback from mentor teachers, weekly meetings with the Program Director, and professional development opportunities in addition to your course work. Our goal is to provide you with tools and experience to develop your craft and confidence as a teacher and to prepare you for a career in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education.

Not only does the responsibility of being a mentor teacher require our faculty to stay current with the latest educational research and methods, our TAs regularly share insights and ask questions that deepen our practice. This partnership helps us thrive as a community where everyone is a learner.Jon Bartlett, Head of School

One Year of Experience in the Classroom

Over the course of the school year, apprentices will teach in two different classrooms. Within each placement, they will have the opportunity to observe, teach small and whole class lessons, work with students one-on-one, and participate in parent conferences and progress report writing. Opportunities for professional development both on and off campus are also available.

Dedicated and Supportive Mentor Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to the success of their students and their apprentices as well. As passionate, active learners and experienced professionals, they provide a strong model from which to learn. Through regularly scheduled meetings and daily interactions, apprentices receive frequent feedback and guidance from mentor teachers.

The Teacher Residency Program at Brookwood prepared me to handle all aspects of having my own classroom—from lesson plans to parent/teacher conferences. I am successful as a teacher because of the training I received.Cara Lamontagne, Grade 1 Teacher, Marblehead, MA